Gave Bail Bonds24 Hour Bail Bonds Columbiana, AL.  It’s late and you’re watching the ten o’clock news when a split second of video flashes on your television and takes your breath away.  There’s been a drunk driving crash and the local news station is giving you a front row seat into the worst night of your life. The man in handcuffs, is the man you married 20 years ago.  Suddenly the phone rings and it’s a collect call from the local jail.  An arrest in a family is shocking and often heartbreaking.  Rush Bail Bonds knows exactly how you feel and our licensed bail agents can help, right now.  We know there is never a convenient time or place to be arrested or to have a loved one locked up. This is why we operate one of the most professional and premier 24 hour bail bonds companies in the entire region, including right here in Columbiana, AL.  Pick up the phone and call one of our trusted bail bondsman.  We’re ready to help you!

Why Rush Bail Bonds?

Great question.  With more than 15 years experience in the bail bonding business, we have the knowledge and expertise to get inmates out of jail and on with life swiftly.  In fact, as a 24 hour bail bonds company in Columbiana, AL, we never stop working for you.  Our bail bondsman are available 24/7, 365 to help you when you need it the most.  Your time matters.  There’s nothing more frustrating then waiting to bail a loved one out of jail.  This is why we work fast to get your husband, brother or daughter out of jail.  At Rush Bail Bond in Columbiana, AL we offer flexible payment plans to ease the financial burden of posting bail.  Time are tough.  In fact, according to a recent news report fewer families have a solid savings account than ever before.  We know you work hard and we want you to keep as much of your money in your pocket as possible.

Bail Me Out Bail BondsHow Much Will It Cost To Work With A Bail Bondsman?

Great question. As we mentioned earlier,  working with a 24 hour bail bonds company can ease the financial burden of posting bail.  When you work with a bail agent you only need to come up with 10%-15% of the total bail amount.  At Rush Bail Bonds, we also require a co-signer and collateral.  For example, if a judge sets your husband’s bail at $25,000 and you work with a 24 hour bail bonds company, you only need to come up with $2,500-$3,750.  At Rush Bail Bonds, we accept a variety of payments to make this transaction as easy as possible for you.  Once you’ve paid Rush Bail Bonds, we need a close friend or family member to sign our contract too.  The co-signer becomes financially responsible for the bond if the defendant skips town and fails to appear in court.  We also need some form of collateral, such as a piece of property or bank account, to help pay for the bail if th defendant fails to follow the terms of their release.

Is 24 Hour Bail Bonds Columbiana, AL Really Available 24/7?

Yes, Really! Our licensed and bonded bail agents work every single day and will pick up their phones even at 2 a.m.  Yep, we’re there for you no matter what the clock says.  We know there is never a good time to have a loved one arrested and booked into jail.  Our deep rooted passion to help other people drive our agents to provide the highest level of customer service every single day of the year.  As a 24 hour bail bondsman company, we’re prepared to work on your case at any hour.  Because our bail bondsman answer the call for help at all hours, we can get your loved one out that much sooner.  Your time matters to us!

Rush Bail Bonds FamilyCall Rush Bail Bonds In Columbiana, AL!

We’re standing by ready to answer your questions and guide you through this difficult time.  Our bail agents treat everyone,regardless of criminal history with dignity and respect.  We always keep our clients’ personal information confidential.  You can count on us!  We’re the most reliable 24 bail bonds company in the region. We look forward to your call and reuniting you with your husband, daughter or friend.