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Bail Me Out Bail BondsJust as you drift off to sleep, there’s a knock on the door.  You peak out your window to see a police cruiser in the driveway.  As your heart races, you run downstairs and open the door and realize your worst nightmare is now very much a reality. There’s been a terrible crash and your son is now charged with vehicular assault.  This is a terrifying moment no one should have to experience alone.  Rush Bail Bonds knows what you’re going through and how desperate you are to get your son out of jail.  There’s never a good time or place to have a loved one locked up.  This is why we operate one of the most professional and compassionate 24 bail bonding companies in the region. With locations across the region, including right here in Columbiana, AL, our agents can work swiftly to get your loved one out of jail and back to life.  Call Rush Bail Bonds today for more information! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

When Will My Son’s Bond Be Determined?

Great question. A judge typically determines bail during a first court appearance. This court hearing is usually held within the first 24 hours of an arrest.  During this hearing, a judge will decide if there is enough probable cause to justify criminal charges.  If a judge decides to formally file charges, they will then determine an appropriate bail amount.  Typically,  the more serious the crime the higher the bail.  When setting bail, a judge will consider the defendant’s criminal history, ties to the community and employment status.  Once bail is set you will be able to better decide if you need the help of a 24 hour bail bonding company.  If you ever have any questions about the jail bond process, don’t hesitate to call one of our experienced bail bondsman.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Signs Rush Bail BondWhy Do I Need A 24 Bail Company?

Thanks for the great question.  The choice to seek the help of a 24 hour bail bonds company is very personal for many families in Columbiana, AL.   An arrest in a family can be shocking and overwhelming not only emotionally,but financially as well.  We know just how you feel.  You may need our help if you can’t afford to pay the entire bail amount up front.  When you hire a 24 hour bail bond business, you only need to pay a small percentage of the entire bail.  For example, If bail is set at $40,000 and you hire Rush Bail Bonds, you only need to pay our bail agents between 10%-15% of the total bond.  In addition to our non-refundable fee, we need a responsible adult to be a co-signer and we need collateral.

What’s The Collateral For?

Great question.  Let’s start with the basics of bail.  Bond is basically an insurance policy with the judicial system.  When you post bond you are essentially promising to show up to future court hearings.  If you or your loved one fails to show up, bond is revoked and we need a source of revenue to pay for the outstanding bail.  If you follow through on the terms of your release and you appear in court, the posted collateral will be returned to you once the case reaches a resolution.  We accept all forms of collateral including, real estate, jewelry and bank accounts. As a 24 hour bail bonding company, we’re available to take your call when you need help.  Call Rush Bail Bonds today.  We’re standing by ready to answer your questions.

Thanks For Your Help Posting Bond For My Son.  Now What?

We can bail you out of jailGreat question.  If your son is out of jail, it’s critical he follow the terms of his release.  If you have any questions or concerns about what your son can and can’t do while out on bail, please contact his attorney or one of our bail bondsman right away.  Rush Bail Bonds is a 24 hour bail services company and we will take your phone call no matter what time of day. While out on bond, we suggest you and your son get a calendar and keep track of every single court hearing.  If your son forgets or intentionally skips and court proceeding while out on bond, a new arrest warrant may be issued and he’ll have to go back to jail.  Call Rush Bail Bonds today for help with your case! We’re here for you, every step of the way.  As a 24 hour bail bonding company in Columbiana, AL, our agent are standing by right now.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!