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When you or a loved one is in trouble, it can be hard to know who you can trust. One call to Rush Bail Bonds in Columbiana, AL and you’ll see why more defendants rely on us more than any other bail company in the region.  We’re your neighbors, our kids go to the same schools, we eat at the same restaurants.  We’re more than a bail company.  We’re in the business of making lives better.  Call Rush Bail Bonds today at (205) 354-2968!

Why Rush Bail Bonds? 

We have the most professional and courteous bail bond professionals in the business.  Our agents also have a lot of experience.  To become an agent in Alabama, a candidate must enroll and complete ad 20 hour in depth course in bail bond principles, practices and law.  Once a candidate has completed the course, they must pass a test and apply for a license.  Our agents meet and exceed all the requirements set forth by the State of Alabama.  Rush Bail Bonds has been in business more than 15 years, with locations conveniently located across Alabama, including right here in Columbiana.  All this experience means when you hire our bail bond company, you are getting the best help on your side.  It means you have an agent working hard navigating the complex legal system to secure your release.  We’re here for you.

What is a Bail Bond?

Great question.  Bail is essentially an insurance policy with the courts to make sure a defendant will appear at future court proceedings.  A judge in Columbiana, AL typically sets bail based on several criteria such as criminal history and employment status.  A judge will also take into consideration if you pose a risk to the community if you are released.  Every case is different and judge has full discretion when it comes setting bail.

Male hands in handcuffsHow do I post bail?

You have several options when it comes to posting bail in Columbiana, AL.  You can pay cash, post a property bond or work directly with a professional bail company such as Rush Bail Bonds.  Paying cash for your bail is great if you have the money on hand.  However, getting arrested is often unpredictable and hard to budget for.  This is where our bail company come in.  We promise to make getting out of jail as fast and as affordable as possible.  Call us right now for more information.  Instead of paying the full bail amount, you pay a bail company just 10%-15% of the total bill.  We also require a co-signer and collateral.  Once we  have received our small fee, we post bond directly to the courts.  If however, a defendant skips bail and doesn’t appear at future court proceedings, the co-signer is on the hook for the total bail.  We advise you to get a calendar and stay in close contact with your attorney to guarantee you will always be present for your court hearings.

Once I post bond, how long will I be out of jail?  How long you are out of jail varies case by case.  It could takes months, sometimes years before a case is resolved.  If the charges against you are dropped, then you won’t go back to jail for that case.  However, if you reach a plea agreement with the state or a jury finds you guilty you may go back to jail for an unknown amount of time.  If you’re found guilty of a crime, the state has set forth sentencing guidelines to help a judge determine how much more time you should sit behind bars to pay for your crime (s).  In some cases, a judge will credit a defendant for time already served in jail, which could reduce your overall sentence down the road. Again, every case is unique.  It’s best to seek legal advice from your attorney.

Bail Me Out Bail BondsWe know you’re overwhelmed.  An arrest has a ripple effect on our entire community.  One arrest impacts the lives of everyone in our community.  One arrest means there’s one less person making a positive contribution to our community.  One arrest means an empty seat at the family dinner table and one less productive employee at work.  Let’s change that.  You’ve messed up, but don’t let that define you.  Rush Bail Bonds in Columbiana, AL is ready to get your life back on track.  Call one of our compassionate bail agents today at (205) 354-2968!  Let’s get through this together.