Bail Bonds Wilsonville AL

Rush Bail Bonds knows first hand how difficult a time of incarceration can be for an individual and family. We have been doing this for almost 3 decades and help literally helped thousands of Shelby County AL residents through this very same process. Whether this is your first time going through this experience, or even if unfortunately you have been through it before, we have the experience and know how to guide you through the bail bonds process and avoid costly mistakes.

Many of our new clients were referred to us from their friends and acquaintances who have used our services in the passed and been impressed by our level of professionalism and commitment to providing the best possible customer service in the state. If you look at our many Google reviews you will see how many of our happy customers were willing to publicly thank us and recommend us to others.

24 Hour Bail Bonds Agency

Unfortunately getting arrested does not always happen during business hours. It is not uncommon to get arrested long after the normal 8 am to 6 pm work day. That is okay with us and we will answer our phones and be here ready to take care of you or your loved one. If you get a call during the day or in the middle of the night, give Rush Bail Bonds a call at (205) 354-2968 and we will jump to your service right away!

Rain, snow (snow does not happen too often here in Shelby County AL fortunately!), sleet or shine, Rush Bail Bonds is on the job and ready to answer our phones and get you bailed out of jail! We are a twenty four hours a day seven days a week company. Call us any time. Let our family help yours!

Best Bail Bonds Customer Service

As I mentioned earlier our company slogan is “Let Our Family Help Yours!” This is not just a trite slogan to us. It is our motto and credo! We love this business and we love helping our fellow Shelby County citizens. Our commitment to providing the best customer service in Alabama has won us a reputation of integrity and professionalism all over the state.

We get compliments not only from our clients, but also from the employees of the local law enforcement and jail systems in the area. The two main things they compliment us about is first, we really help our clients. We treat them with respect and dignity and we guide them through the complicated system saving everyone time and hassle. And finally they find that our clients show up to their trials in a much higher percentage than defendants who do not use a bail bonds service.

Part of it is that our clients tend to be more on top of things anyway, that is why they hired an agency. Plus in deal with us, with our reminders and them coming in sometimes to make payments, our clients remember their court dates and our more prepared when they get there.

More About Wilsonville Alabama

Henry W Robertson from South Carolina was the first Wilsonville settler moving there in 1812. He brought his family with him. They settled one thousand acres. His closest neighbors at the time was a family of settlers in the Easonville AL area (which is a few miles south of Pell City, AL) and one family over in the Montevallo AL area. Early settlers during this time would ride their horses to the land office in Tuscaloosa AL to claim their land. Wilsonville AL town was started about the time the indians were driven out of the northern part of Alabama. Some are reported to have passed through where Wilsonville AL is now located as they were moving on.