Bail Bonds Chelsea AL

Here at Rush Bail Bonds, we know that getting arrested can be a very difficult time in a family. That is why we do our best to not only give you the best customer service, but to treat you like family. Our slogan is “Let Our Family Help Yours!’ And we really do mean it. Give Rush Bail Bonds a call today at (205) 354-2968!

Often a simple mistake resulting from inexperience can cost people hours or even days of unneeded time spent in jail. The time when you or a loved one is arrested is difficult enough without costly mistakes like that. The sooner you are home, the sooner you can get back to life more like normal and have time to properly prepare for your upcoming hearing or trial.

Bail Bonds Process

When an inmate is arrested the judge looks first not to determine guilt or innocence. All he or she wants to decide is how likely is the inmate to show up to the set court hearing, and are they a risk to their friends and family, or society in general if they are able to be let out on bail.

Once bail is set the inmate goes to jail to wait for trial unless they can raise the amount of bail set by the judge first. Posting a bail is not something that most people save for. So that is where bail bonds agencies come in. For a small fee we can post your bail and get you home faster than people can typically do it for themselves. Our job then is to stay in touch with you and make sure you remember to be on time and be prepared for trial.

Bail Bondsmen You Can Trust

Not all bail bondsmen are created equal. What I mean by that is not all do as good a job for the customers or treat the customers as well. At Rush Bail Bonds we have a reputation throughout Alabama for being the best of the best of bail bonds services. Each of our bondsmen have decades of experience. We know the ins and outs in every jurisdiction we services. There are not really any incarceration situation we have not dealt with before.

But more important than that, we value our clients. We consider our clients our family. At least we do our best to treat them how we would want to be treated and how we would want our family and loved ones to be treated. We get most of our new clients by referral. That is hard to do in this industry. But it is because we work so hard to do the best job possible every time.

More About Chelsea, AL

Chelsea AL is a city in the northern part of Shelby County Alabama. It was incorporated on March 1st, 1996 having a population of nine hundred and six people. In the 2010 census the population was already up to ten thousand one hundred and eighty three. Chelsea AL is considered the fastest growing city in Shelby County AL.