Bail Bonds Calera AL

When we get telephone calls from out clients or their families, they are often scared and confused and not sure how to proceed next. Many times the arrest is a complete shock. Stressful times like this combined with not knowing what to do can lead to mistakes that leave you or your loved ones in jail much longer than they need to be!

Let us help! We are pros. This is what we are good at. We know what to do to help you navigate through the legal process and get you out quickly. That way you can focus on preparing your defense, or the defense of your loved one. It is hard to do that when you are still behind bars. Give Rush Bail Bonds a call today at (205) 354-2968! Let us make your life a bit less stressful during this difficult time in your life.

Let Our Bail Bonds Family Help Yours!

Our company slogan is “Let Our Family Help Yours!” And we really do mean it. Bad things happen to good people and we do our best to help you to be more comfortable by treating you like family. We even accept payment plans. We try to make this experience the least costly to you that we can.

When the judge sets bail many people just do not have that much money. For a fraction of the bail amount we will post the bail for you so that you can get home quickly. We pledge to the court that you will show up to your hearing or trial. And we work with you to remind you. We can even refer you to good legal counsel if you need us to.

Best Bail Bondsmen In Alabama

We get told all the time, both by customers as well as by employees of the justice system, that we employ the most knowledgeable and professional bail bondsman in the state. That makes us feel really good. Not only do they know what they are doing, but they are good decent people as well.

Our goal is to make this difficult time in your life less stressful by us doing our job right so that your release happens as quickly as the system will allow.

Experience You Can Trust!

There is a lot to be said about working with someone who has the experience and know how to get you through this process quickly and in the right way. Each of our bail bonds agents have decades of experience. They know the courts. They know who to talk to to get things moving along.

And our agents have your back. You are our customers and we know that you are why we are in business and how we get paid. We get most of our clients by word of mouth referrals. When you treat people right they talk about it to their friends and families.

More About Calera Alabama

Calera AL is located in South Shelby County in the State Of Alabama. The city was first settled in the early 1820’s but stayed mostly undeveloped until after the Alabama and Tennessee River Railroad came through town between 1854 and 1855. The city was originally known as Buxahatchie until it became the center of lime production during the civil war.

Calera AL has a great local farmers market. They hold an annual “Strawberry Festival which attracts some 35 vendors and almost 2,000 local visitors. They hold the farmers markets in both August and June on Tuesday afternoons. They feature a whole lot of local fresh produce.